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The following page contains a list of previously experienced problems and what you can do to solve them.


My post does not show up
If you use the browser's back button several times after posting a message, you are looking at the page as it was before you posted the message. Clicking links from the Navigation Bar avoids this problem.

If you still have a problem, then your browser is pulling the document out of its cache instead of reloading the document, and it keeps displaying the old version of the document. To avoid this, set your browser to verify documents every time upon loading as follows:

  • Netscape: Click on Edit, then on Preferences..., and then on the + icon next to "Advanced." Then click on Cache from the expanded tree. Under "Document in cache is compared to document on network," select "Every Time." Then click on OK to exit the screen.
  • Internet Explorer: Click on View, then on Options..., then on the Advanced tab, and then on the Settings... button under "Temporary Internet files." Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages," select "Every visit to the page." Then click on OK to exit the settings dialog box, and finally on OK to exit the options dialog box.
My formatting tags don't work
It is likely that you have made one of the following common mistakes:
  • Not looking at the preview
    • The message preview shows your tags in action. If you look at it and your \b{Bold text} isn't bold, you have made a mistake!

  • Using / instead of \ to start a tag
    • /b{Bold text tag} is wrong
    • \b{Bold text tag} is correct

  • Using parentheses instead of curly braces
    • \b(Bold text tag) is wrong
    • \b{Bold text tag} is correct

  • Using the wrong case in tags
    • \B{Bold text tag} is wrong (\B{ } is not defined)
    • \b{Bold text tag} is correct

  • Not escaping commas where necessary
    • Advanced tags use the comma to separate the various arguments. If you need to use a comma and not have it treated as a delimiter, you must escape the comma.
    • See the discussion under "Special Characters" in the formatting instructions for further explanation and many examples.

    If one specific tag does not work properly, check the Formatting page to be sure that you are using the proper tag.

Text entry boxes don't fit entirely on screen
Unfortunately, text entry boxes cannot be resized within the document to fit on your screen. One option is to drag to the left the border between the main menu and the page containing the text box.

Text entry boxes don't show up correctly
Netscape Communicator 4 appears to have a bug that prevents text entry boxes from showing up correctly in some cases. If you click the mouse under the "Add a Message" line, where you think the text entry box would normally be, you get a cursor. Otherwise, try using the NavBar to go back one page and then return to the page on which the text entry box does not show up.

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Topics Last Day Last Week Tree View   Getting Started Formatting Troubleshooting Program Credits   New Messages Keyword Search

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